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Suiton Update
Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:53 am by (Admin) Asuma
The Suiton Jutsu list has undergone several changes, please be sure to update your jutsu in your bio, and to replace jutsu that have been removed with jutsu of equivalent rank.

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 Village Days ft. (Biography/Development Post - Closed) [3/3]

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PostSubject: Village Days ft. (Biography/Development Post - Closed) [3/3]   Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:51 pm

Village Days - A Grave Reminder | 2/3/2015

It had been quiet since her graduation strangely enough and oddly enough seemed to have motivated her older brother in picking up the slack from his long hiatus as well. She was often lost in a book at the library, rarely did she like going back to the house - that was falling apart. The home which all things stemmed bad in her life, she found it rather unbearable. Yet while it was poorly maintained, it still served as a place she could come to when all else at the end of the day had come and gone and she found herself lacking much else to do than sleep or find some hope for quiet respite without one of the two members of her family barging in and bugging her and people wondered why she liked the lonely quiet. It was more serene and yet she couldn't help feel like their was something else. Something always watching her from behind her back, yet every time she turned. All she saw was her shadow - turning as well to look as to whom it may have been.

Eventually she would make her way to the memorial as she found herself standing in front of a grave-marker, which denoted to their mother of all people. She had not visited in quite sometime, it felt like a year at-least so far as she could remember. "Well. Here I am, Mother." She spoke other wise as she stood there in place, a red scarf was settled about her neck - the only possession she had left anyway that was directly from her mother as it were. The rest of the things had been burned or simply discarded by their father as some kind of way to sober out his own pain. But that in truth, wasn't going to bring her back or ease it any less? admittedly she was here for advice. Not sure in what way she would receive it, but she felt she could find some clarity with silence provided to her quiet alone-time. Reaching from behind her with both hands to settle in-front of her she had a white flower in her hands, she didn't know the name but it was recommended to her by the Yamanaka she asked for a clean-cut at the stem.

"Well, I've graduated. I'm waiting to see what happens from here. I don't know what they have in store for me, but I will make you proud. I think father has started to get better as well, but he still has his routine - it's almost like a tradition he follows but I don't condone of it. Hirui'nii is also motivated, he's been practicing hard. You would be proud of him." She spoke, spoke for what seemed like hours on end while ad-mist the graves by herself. There were people that came around time to time, but it was on the other side of the memorial. She had some peace of mind here, struggling to decide what she was looking for from all this yet it felt like a path she needed to follow in her mind. "I will make you proud." She stated simply as she offered a turn and looked towards the gates of the Konoha Memorial before walking away from the marker, 'Here lies...' the name had been faded away due to lack of care. She contemplated writing the name back, but the only people that would keep her in memory, was the family.

Overall, it was a pleasant thing. It got a lot off of her mind, she found herself guided with renewed determination. She would excel and bring reputation back to the family. "So watch over me." She spoke quietly as she left.


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PostSubject: Re: Village Days ft. (Biography/Development Post - Closed) [3/3]   Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:51 pm

Village Days - Nightmares Abound | 2/7/2015

She felt tired, more so than usual as she offered a slight creak of the fridge open in the house. It was late, nobody was home either it seemed like at first. Hirui was likely about somewhere as well, but she would take the orange juice in the fridge and pour herself a glass. Once done, she felt it was time to go and lay down as well for respite from the activities that had been going on since earlier today. She couldn't believe that she was kissed as well, not to mention it was her first kiss. She reached up, touching her lips after setting the glass next to her on the desk and then turned to sit upwards on the bed for a moment. It was weird, she didn't know that Senri had thought of her in such a way, if anything - she owed him for helping her in getting through the Academy as well, she closed her eyes. She could still feel the touch or impulse that rushed through her and it somewhat had not only surprised her? but it scared as well. She had acted out of instinct, going back to the lake she dismissed herself after confessing to Hirui what ha happened also and now she wasn't sure how to act around Senri after that had happened. It left her in confusion, more so than she had thought it would have done.

So she had decided to stay at home, something she rarely did rather than be out and about in the village. She didn't even attend dinner at the lady next door to them, Mrs.Takawa had definitely knocked on the door earlier to their apartment to check up on her but she didn't answer back. She didn't want to concern her and now here she was, sitting in her room after a long period of self-exclusion from the day. She would take her hands, throwing them up and slapping her cheeks once in unison as she gave a slight sigh. "I need to apologize to him later. I shouldn't have ran.." She said to herself quietly as she reached over and took the glass to down in one gulp, it was only half filled anyway. Once she was done she left it there on top of the drawer next to her bed and then proceeded to lay down and pull the covers over herself as she drew her eyes closed. She never liked sleeping in this room, she always felt there was a set of eyes watching her quietly in the shadows and more times than not - something escaped from the corner of her eyes when she did bother to check. "Not this time.." She told herself quietly..

..Several Hours Later..

..She would wake up, pulling herself upwards and glancing towards the window. "Mhh.." Apparently she had forgotten to close it and a draft had managed it's way into the room. With a slight turn, she had fixed herself to sit upwards again and strange she had found herself to have forgotten to close it. Quietly looking around the room just in case, she didn't feel any presence or set of eyes on her nor did she see anything out of the ordinary. With a hop she would stand on her own two feet as she wandered over towards the window and then reached up - it wasn't until she noticed there was nothing but darkness on the other side and the village usually had lights, hell, there wasn't even any sky for stars to shine and make down with their own light towards her. It was just a expansive black void she peer in towards and as she did she would find something now staring back quietly and from the darkness, a low and rattled growl would raise till she felt the force of a scream towards her with only one sentence being spoken aloud.

"LET. ME. IN."

She would sit upright, panicked as she looked about in the room with her right-hand to come over the half of her face as she had slight tears in her eyes. She felt something and it was clear of what it was now that she felt - Fear, as if something was reminding her that the trivial events of earlier today were nothing compared to this internal instinct..then she would hear pounding on the apartment door. Quickly getting up..

..She would let her father in from his night at the casino. "What took you so long to answer the door? I pounded on it for a hour!"

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PostSubject: Re: Village Days ft. (Biography/Development Post - Closed) [3/3]   Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:52 pm

Village Days - Dishonored Tradition | 2/11/2015

She took her time, her brother had brought something back from the clan dojo that he decided to visit . She had found the chest that was taken, two symbols  for the pieces of yin and yang being broken in half to represent two halves upon the ornate wood. So she would take her time looking over the design of the chest . "Father couldn't have possibly had any secrets he hadn't sold away already." She put curiously, in truth - she had stolen the chest she had caught Hirui bringing home that night as she sat on her bed looking at the old piece of history that was from the family dojo they had once owned.

(Memo - Awarded: 5 Tokens via DM Sasori)

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PostSubject: Re: Village Days ft. (Biography/Development Post - Closed) [3/3]   

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Village Days ft. (Biography/Development Post - Closed) [3/3]
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