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 Training Days ft. (Roleplay/Jutsu Training Post - Private) [xo/ox]

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PostSubject: Training Days ft. (Roleplay/Jutsu Training Post - Private) [xo/ox]   Wed Feb 18, 2015 1:52 am

Training Days - Shadowing Fire | 2/17/2015

"When you throw shadow and fire together, it creates a flame that burns only inside. Some would call this a night-light, others would say? it's a will-o-wisp."

Author wrote:
Yomi (Hades - Fire/Shadow): Inka (Catching Fire)
Jutsu Type: Hijutsu
Rank: D
RP Description: By taking a moment to relax her breathing and focus her chakra, Mokuhi creates a sharper cutting power towards her jutsu by overclocking the chakra with a vortex flame channeling around her hands and body.

As she raised her hands she would look upon them quietly, closing each individual finger with interest until both hands hand simply become balled fists. She had mastered something on her own while her father had been present at the time, but this time around she was left to herself to seek out the answers which she had sought on her own time since she decided to drop out of the tournament for the time being, having taken the journey back home alone on the caravan making it's way out for the day all had gone well otherwise. She had arrived at the village and made time to return home, father was out as usual it seemed and her brother was all the way in Sunagakure with the others, which meant she had time to herself this evening as she ate something and went out the door afterwards to make her way over towards the training woods for privacy, not that it was private but there was a nice spot where she found the least in use and more so for her own space that she was going to require.

She had been thinking the entire time upon a jutsu she wished to try and make from imagination, into a actual technique and she was aware it was not going to be easy either, she was still but a Genin after all and she had much to learn so perhaps this would mark a building first step, as she needed to catch up with the others and more importantly she was going to depend on this training to further herself in the knowledge of her own elemental chakra natures. as she figured it would definitely be a step up in her own manipulation of jutsu as well to bring advantage in future missions to come. After a moment of respite to collect her bearings, she would wander over towards the shadow under one of the tall tree's in the woods that she found most fitting, her back pressing against the trunk she would slide down slowly and come to a sit upon the leaves to crinkle slightly underneath her. Pulling the notepad open she would start to review over what she did know however from several trips to the library a long time ago during her academy days, she doubted it would help but it never hurt to refresh one upon the basics which all things came from.

As she opened the pages she would steadily go through with what she knew or was least familiar with the Fire element, she had nothing about Shadow, everything she had learned up until this point had been from her own manipulation in the knowledge of it. Sadly, not even that was enough to satisfy her as well.


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DM Team

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PostSubject: Re: Training Days ft. (Roleplay/Jutsu Training Post - Private) [xo/ox]   Sat Feb 21, 2015 3:39 am

(Jutsu Apporved - Admin Sasori)
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Training Days ft. (Roleplay/Jutsu Training Post - Private) [xo/ox]
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