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Suiton Update
Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:53 am by (Admin) Asuma
The Suiton Jutsu list has undergone several changes, please be sure to update your jutsu in your bio, and to replace jutsu that have been removed with jutsu of equivalent rank.

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 The Bikou way[Training RP]

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DM Rock Lee

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PostSubject: The Bikou way[Training RP]   Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:02 am

Sands shifting beneath his feet as the hot desert sun falls upon his shoulders the young Bikou, Kumori, begins his journey through the dunes a small paper in hand as he uses the cloak around him to shield his face from the pelting of the sands should the wind pick up. Flickers of light dancing in the distance as the mirages form, Hinami stood in the distance leaning upon the blade stabbed into the loose sand as she'd glance up she'd look onto Kumori a moment and smile as he'd stagger on the rim of the sand dunes. " Glad you could make it Kumori-kun~ " coughing a moment Kumori would look to Hinami his gaze hidden beneath the veil of his hood though Hinami knew better as he gaze her a displeased look she'd only give a slight giggle before Kumori spoke. " What are we doing out this far in the desert... " She'd calmly lift the blade from the sands as the sand pick up from the ground and begin to twist and rotate around her blade she'd smile a moment. " Its time for some training now that Im free for today. Today your to learn Desert Wasp Technique. This technique though is easier to explain after a demonstration of the image your to create. " And with that she swung her blade as the sands shot forwards the lights reflecting off the sands as the mirage surrounds Kumori she'd lock in the seal as the wavering light begin to shift into the images of the wasps as the chakra leaked into the sands from the blade immediately sunk into Kumori's mind the moment the sands wrapped around him...

[Genjutsu] Glancing about the scene of the sands as Hinami's image fades away in the mirage of the lights Kumori would feel the first pinch as a stinger strikes his shoulder grimacing slightly as the stinger pierced his skin he'd turn a moment placing his hand on the wound as his gaze would rest upon the trailing chakra beginning to leak from his body at each point of the stingers struct him. Slowly the blue waves of chakra would flow from his body massing before him before bursting outwards as the wasps began to take in the chakra and double in size before suddenly as the wasps approached once more for a round of stings...

He'd snap too as the mirage fades his breath had become heavy as he'd pant falling to the ground slightly. " What was that ... " Hinami would spin the blade in hand once more before stabbing it into the ground. " That was the Desert Wasps technique. Though my rendition really. The key to this jutsu is simple. Create these wasps out of the land your around. How this technique works is that with the higher amounts of chakra application you provide the heavier the impact the genjutsu will carry. The stronger the impact the more spiritually draining the illusion becomes. Heres a scroll I will observe your practice for now. " Tossing Kumori a scroll she'd stab her sword into the ground a little further as the dune would flatten out suddenly and give a nice steady platform for him to practice on. Staggering slightly as the sands shifted suddenly beneath his feet he'd catch the scroll a moment as he'd open the scroll his analytic mind would begin to race as his gaze would dance along the scriptures of the scroll held out upon his hands. Slowly breaking down the fundamentals of the genjutsu gaining a far higher understanding to the genjutsu itself. Before calmly taking in a deep breath and beginning to exhale slowly working his hands through each seal slowly his gaze would shift back and forth from the scroll to his hands copying each seal one by one. Though this proved slightly more difficult then usual in his case as the practical seals always seemed just a little bit harder for him then most shinobi as he'd begin to gather chakra to the focal point of each seal slowly as he'd continue to run his hands through each seal familiarizing himself with the seals and the level of chakra required for the jutsu. As he managed the seals Hinami would stand calmly watching him a moment as she'd motion him to give it to her he'd turn slightly as the seals would flow fluidly gathering chakra into each focal point his chakra would waver and launch forward moving towards her body as the chakra pulled in moving into his brain following the path of her chakra network through the path of least resistance the chakra would begin to waver on both sides of the brain as the air would begin to waver infront of her, as her vision begins to be ultered the sands began to shift upwards into the skies the sounds echoing from the sands as the chakra began to suddenly shift along the brain striking at the sensories the brain controls as hearing would begin to be ultered these sound began to grow louder Kumori standing in the distance as he maintained the seal. Watching him slightly as he began to fade away amongst the wavers of the hot air before her the wasps began to form as the sounds of their buzzing drilled through the silence of the desert nodding slightly as the wasps began to swarm towards her the stingers began to penetrate her skin as his chakra attacked the sense of touch feeling the sharp pain of the large stingers sticking into her skin she'd grimace slightly as she'd stagger about the illusion hes created. Before suddenly the largest wasp would shoot forward piercing through her stomach as she'd cough up blood the dangerous chakra he had introduced to her own chakra network would begin to attack the senses of taste and smell as she'd begin to take in the scent of blood as she'd cough a mass of it up infront of her. The taste of the iron on her lips becoming overwhelming before suddenly reality would snap to existance and Kumori would fall to the knee slightly as he'd pant. " H-how was that Hinami ? " staring at Kumori a moment she too would pant slightly as she'd place her hand over her stomach. " that was excellent Kumori-kun I even felt it was real. You bring your understanding of genjutsu to a higher level each time I train you. This should be enough for now .. " Nodding a moment Kumori would pant as Hinami would walk up beside him lifting him to his feet slightly and help him back to the village.

(( C-rank, Genjutsu : Desert Wasps. Kumori Bikou ))
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The Bikou way[Training RP]
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