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Suiton Update
Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:53 am by (Admin) Asuma
The Suiton Jutsu list has undergone several changes, please be sure to update your jutsu in your bio, and to replace jutsu that have been removed with jutsu of equivalent rank.

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Katon & Elementless Update
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Thank you,
The DM Team

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Sincerely, DM Team.

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 Shun Kiyoshi Kontororu - Demon of the Black Thread

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PostSubject: Shun Kiyoshi Kontororu - Demon of the Black Thread   Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:54 am

(Basic Information)

Name) Shun Kiyoshi Kontororu (Recently learned)

Alias) Kiyoshi (When wearing his Mask)

 Looks 15


 128 lb's



 Lean, Defined, muscular

(Shinobi Information)

Village) Takigakure No Sato


Bingo Book Rank) A Rank

Threat Level) 9/10

Specialty) Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu

Elements) Medical, Inton Medical

Heart Affinities) Inton, Suiton, Katon, Doton, Fuuton

Unique Abilities) Earth Grudge Fear (Jiongu)

Occupation) ANBU
(Notable Traits
Noticeable thread stitchings throughout his body. 
Including over his mouth.

Shun is a greedy, uncaring individual who tends to arrange 
his goals by which will earn him the most profit. Believing that 
money is the only dependable thing in this world, Shun will 
often refuse to do something if he feels there isn't enough 
profit in it for him as well as claiming that he tended to 
forget opponents who were not worth any money after he 
was done with them.

Shun is a Pale boy looking to be of the age of 15. He has long black hair that at times will cover one side of his face. His most notable trait would be his eyes, the Iris is an emerald green while what would normally be the whites of his eyes is a dull shade of Red. Many find his eyes to be unnatural and creepy, but Shun has learned to shut out the disapproval of his peers. When he removes his shirt during battle, people would notice extensive trails of stitches covering his body. Apart from that people would notice that he has a very muscular and built frame, which is generally not seen behind all the clothing Shun wears.

Shun would speak in a low voice at most times, and is not an excitable person. It's very rare that he would smile for any reason apart from finding a strong opponent who he has decided to kill.

That being said, Shun is not a bloodthirsty individual and generally doesn't like fighting unless he deems it worth the effort.

Not much is known about Shun apart from the fact that he is not from Kiri originally, he claims that he doesn't know where he is from though it's not always certain. 

Following the destruction of Shun's home, Takigakure and the death of the village's Kage, a man who had long since jealously sought after the secrets of the Jiongu, Shun returned to Kirigakure. He and Emily had shed much blood,and sacreficed much to free them of Takigakure's curse, upon his Return Kyo rewarded Shun with the Rank of Special Jounin, allowing him to take on the teaching of Kirigakire's Genin, ushering them into a future of bloodshed, and glory.

Using the Ryo Shun had acquired from the various Bounties he had collected on the heads of some wanted individuals, Shun purchased a building in the depths of one of Kiri's back alleys, transforming it into what it now the Green Dragon Bar, sinking a small fortune into making this building look perfect Shun spends his time running the place when he's not out on missions, making it a goal to turn this place into his legacy.

Shun received a message from Takigakure stating he was required to return, things were changing in the village and they had finally cut the contract with Kirigakure that was allowing Shun to remain there as a Shinobi to assist them. Shun still makes regular contact with Kyo and the rest of the Villagers, offers training to their shinobi and assists on missions when Takigakure allows, the village now in a tight alliance after events that had shaped the new future bringing Takigakure No Sato from the shadows of it's past, into a respectable village. Though in the dark underground of Takigakure's society, something stirs unseen by most, a plot that involves Shun's return thickens, ready to release on an unsuspecting world.
DatabookNinjutsuTaijutsuKenjutsuIntelligenceStrengthSpeedStaminaHand Seals Total

Custom Item:

Dragon's Fang:

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PostSubject: Re: Shun Kiyoshi Kontororu - Demon of the Black Thread   Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:55 am

Jutsu Learned:

Spider Summons:



Inton Medical:


Elemental-less Jutsu:



Suiton Jutsu:

Katon Jutsu:



Thread Kinjutsu:
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PostSubject: Re: Shun Kiyoshi Kontororu - Demon of the Black Thread   Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:57 am

[Earth Grudge Fear]
(150 Tokens - DM Permission Required)

This technique is a secret kinjutsu of Takigakure. It transforms the user's body into something similar to that of a rag-doll's, which is held together by hundreds of thick black threads. Kakuzu was able to manipulate these threads for many purposes. He was capable of sewing up any injuries that he or others might suffer, most commonly by reattaching body parts. However, it appeared that this ability was somewhat limited, as he warned Hidan not to move his head too much after he had sewed it back on, saying that it might fall off again. He could detach parts of his limbs and then manipulate them, to the point that he could even send them underground and then reattach them when he was done with them.

The most significant aspect of these threads were that they granted Kakuzu a form of immortality, although he declined to think of it that way. In addition to sewing up his injuries, he could use the threads to tear into a victim's body, steal their still functioning organs, and integrate them into his own body, thus extending his life. Kakuzu usually used this method to steal hearts from powerful shinobi, and was able to store up to four spare hearts in his body at any given time, meaning that all hearts must stop functioning in order for Kakuzu to die. He can also put one of those hearts into his limbs and have them move individually, as seen when he used his hand to remove a shadow-enhanced trench knife that prevented the rest of his body from moving.

These hearts Kakuzu had taken from others were stored in various animal masks that were sewn onto his back, granting him vast amounts of chakra and numerous elemental affinities. He could detach these masks and have them take on a body of their own, composed entirely of threads. These masks were capable of attacking separately, unleashing devastating blasts of elemental chakra. These threads could also compact together to form a spider-like body around Kakuzu, allowing him to fuse the attacks of his masks together in order to increase his attacking power.


[Threaded Body]
Those that practice this technique hold bodies that are sewn together with not muscle, tissue, and flesh, but instead replacing all of it is a rock hard exoskeleton like body, filled with millions of hollow black threads harder even then titanium. These threads are sewn and molded into all of the organs and bodies that they integrate into their bodies, allowing them to freely move their organs through their bodies at will, as well as make them nearly impossible to do permanent harm to physically,

Universal: +2 HP Regen
Genin: +2 DR vs HP Dmg, +10 HP and CP
Chunin: +3 DR vs HP Dmg, +15 HP and CP
Jounin: +4 DR vs HP Dmg, +20 HP and CP


[Body of Needles]
Those that use this technique posses Supernatural physical powers as well as advanced Ninjtusu abilities. These abilities allow the user to form a amount of physical destructive power with their needle like Jutsu that are used with the black thread, this allows its users to drain the life from those their attacks pierce as well as deal significant power.

Universal: Starts with Medical Element, Gains no More Naturally.
Universal: +25 Hide Rolls when Hiding Masks Only.
Genin: +1 to Attack/Defense Rolls, +1d4 Damage to Taijutsu/Ninjutsu
Chunin: +2 to Attack/Defense Rolls, +1d6 Damage to Taijutsu/Ninjutsu
Jounin: +3 to Attack/Defense Rolls, +1d8 Damage to Taijutsu/Ninjutsu


Every user of this Technique is different, through them they can drain life and form stances destructive more then anything. They may create two jutsu of E/D/C/B-Rank, but only one A/S-Rank.


The Earth Grudge Fear user is able to pull apart their body, and form their stolen hearts into great beasts made of pure Thread and the face being the Object that the heart was sealed into. Each of the Hearts is stronger, depending on the users level when they sealed the heart within themselves. The Hearts  are able to use elemental jutsu of the chosen heart that the user knows.
(When the users Summons their hearts, they lose the HP/CP Bonus gained from that stolen heart until it is placed back into their body)
Universal: Summoning a Heart follows Summoning Rules, Including Round Duration, CP Spent and turn cost etc.
Universal: May summon a maximum of hearts depending on their Rank. Genin) 1, Chuunin) 2, Jounin) 3.
Genin: Summoned Heart has HP/CP According to Rank 2 Summons, and follows Rank 2 Summons PvP Rules
Chuunin: Summoned Heart has HP/CP According to Rank 3 Summons, and follows Rank 3 Summons PvP Rules
Jounin: Summoned Heart has HP/CP According to Rank 4 Summons, and follows Rank 4 Summons PvP Rules


[The Heart of Another]
(50 Tokens Per Heart - Max 4 Hearts)
The User of this technique is able to integrate the Hearts of Shinobi into their bodies, by doing this they gain a part of their durability, chakra, as well as their elemental affinity and natural strength and power. Thanks to this ability the user of the Technique must also have each heart killed before they die.

Universal: Every Heart Grants +10 Total HP/CP, +1 Elemental Affinity, and +1 DR vs HP/CP Dmg. When Four Hearts are Reached the Earth Grudge Fear user Cannot be Perma'd unless they drop to -25 HP and all of their hearts are destroyed*.
Negative: A Heart requires a Personal Event to Gain along with the 50 RP Tokens. As well, a Opponent may use Spot vs User's Hide to spot and target the hearts. They must then state 'Targeting -Blank- Element Heart.' If this is done, and they hit dealing more then 25 DMG, then the User looses that heart for the rest of that irl Day, before a new Personal Event must be Done to gain a New Heart.

(*If a Fifth Heart is Gained this becomes -50 hp.)


[Power of the Perfected Stealer]
(100 Token - Legendary Kinjutsu)
The power of the user of this technique has gained its true peak, now able to be the essence of a 'makeshift immortal' they have formed a fifth cavity within their body for an extra heart. Thanks to that same storage, the black blood that runs through the threads that fills their body, pumps ten times faster then normal, allowing their physical abilities to skyrocket in level.

Universal: +2 HP Regen, Fifth Heart Available
Universal: Hearts cannot be Destroyed but are temporarily Damaged if 25 DMG is done.*
Genin: +1 to STR/WIS Rolls, 19-20 Crit Range on Taijutsu/Ninjutsu
Chunin: +2 to STR/WIS Rolls, 18-20 Crit Range on Taijutsu/Ninjutsu
Jounin: +3 to STR/WIS Rolls, 18-20 Crit Range on Taijutsu/Ninjutsu

(* If a heart is temporarily damaged, then the HP/CP and DR bonus is not granted for 24 IRL hours, however, the Element and all jutsu gained via the heart is still accessible.)
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PostSubject: Re: Shun Kiyoshi Kontororu - Demon of the Black Thread   Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:58 am

Token Receipt:

150 - Earth Grudge Fear
50 - First Heart (Inton)
100 - Perfect Stealer Upgrade - DM Kurenai
200 - Hearts 2-5 Purchased - DM Kurenai
160 - 5x STR, 4x WIS, 2x CON - DM Sasori Handled
90 - Crystal Heart - DM Kurenai
12 - Custom Justus - DM AvAtAr (7 physical tokens,  5 credit tokens)
100 - Inton Medical - DM Auranos
85 - Dragon's Fang, custom sword - DM Sasori
16 - Three new Custom Thread Jutsu - DM Avatar
28 - Two Custome EGF Jutsu - DM Sasori
30 - Base WIS 46 to 48 - DM Konohamaru
100 - Summons 1-5 - DM Sasori (25% off Credit for January used)
TOTAL: 1121

Ability Cap: 600/700
Weapon/Item Cap: 175/500

Fuuinjutsu approved by DM Sasori
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PostSubject: Re: Shun Kiyoshi Kontororu - Demon of the Black Thread   

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Shun Kiyoshi Kontororu - Demon of the Black Thread
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